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The Borough Common is a home for richer conversations.

We gather over brunch each month in Camberwell to take on a topic together, with two simple intentions: we want to nurture our spiritual growth and make the world a bit better.
Everyone is welcome.
First Sunday of every month
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The need for richer conversations

We live in a changing world that feels increasingly fragmented. As we are facing a whole host of challenges, there is no shortage of opinions. But straightforward answers often feel insufficient.

In that context, The Borough Common has spent the last decade being a place for those who want to gather and explore what it means to live well – those looking for spiritual and emotional growth (in many forms) and to do good in a meaningful way.

We don't pretend to have answers, but we are a home for richer conversations, which to us means:

  • We value conversations rooted in reality that orientate us towards the practical

  • We value conversations that include the wisdom of spiritual traditions

  • We value conversations that point us towards hopeful possibilities – looking for a society that works

  • We value conversations that foster ongoing connection – relationships are the root of change

  • We value different voices – views can be valued even (especially?) when we disagree

  • We value conversations that are alive  – good company and stimulating ideas bring energy and life


For more details stay in touch via our Facebook group

January - Digital Detox

February - Suicide

10th March - Social Processes of Religion
April - Death & Grief 
12th May - London Folklore
June - Ageing and Legacy
July - Empathy in the City
August - Touch points with the divine
September - Artificial Intelligence and the Data Revolution

October - TBC

November - TBC

December - TBC


Jan 18 - Into the new year

Feb 18 - Love is all around

March 18 - Social justice & the changing city

April 18 - Food & rituals

May 18 - Peace meal

June 18 - Embodiement & movement

July 18 - Local walk in Camberwell

Aug 18 - Words we like

Sept 18 - 9th Birthday!

Oct 18 - Power & Corruption

Nov 18 - Mind the gap: challenges, questions, unknowns

Dec 18 - Sensuality and aliveness


Mar 17 Building Bridges & Making a Stand

Apr 17 Finding Solid Ground

May 17 Myth & Meaning

June 17 Belonging

July 17 Growth & Change
Sep 17 Words we like
Oct 17 8th Birthday Party

Nov 17 Fireworks! Passions!

Dec 17 - Advent / waiting

What to expect

A simple continental brunch with good people, and a topic to take on together.

A host will frame the conversation to get things going - perhaps sharing a poem, an idea, or a piece of old wisdom.

coming up
what to expect
doing good

It's not all talk

We try to do good in meaningful ways

Every six months since 2010 we have hosted a tea party for socially isolated older people in Southwark in partnership with Contact The Elderly.

In the winter for the last four years, we have been taking part in Robes Project – hosting homeless guests on Friday nights in partnership with St George The Martyr in Borough.

To get involved in these things, join the facebook group.

Our story

It started as a church experiment in 2009

The Borough Common was born in 2009 out of Headspace, an experimental open-minded community-run evening service attached to what is now Oasis Church Waterloo. Over the summer of 2009 Headspace was coming to an end and a group of friends hosted community dinners to explore what becoming our own entity might look like. What emerged were the founding principles and structures of Borough Common, along with a group who wanted to give it a go. We would be a group without dogma/creed or hierarchy - but hold the group as 'common property' and a twofold intention (1) to grow together spiritually (with a deliberately vague sense of what that might mean) and (2) to do good in the world.

From 2009-2015 the community met every sunday evening at the Welsh Chapel in Borough. We took it in turns to host services, facilitated by 'open planning' sessions every 6-8 weeks. Every 6 months or so we held a 'deep planning' session to reflect on where we were as a community and what changes might be needed. At Greenbelt in 2013 we gave a talk that gives a bit more texture about the whole process and where we were at that point. You can listen here or look over our old blog.

For 2016 we moved to meeting monthly in the mornings, and moved to St Giles Centre in Camberwell. In 2017 we felt the need for a spring clean and so (after a survey assessing where we were) refreshed the format, switching to these monthly 'richer conversations' over brunch.

The community is maintained by a group of regulars who manage the logistics, finances and hosting. If you come regularly (and want to) you can join the regulars group and access the vast aray of perks and privileges, like whats app messages about what croissants to buy.

our story
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